Steven Wentzel


Steven’s primary role in the Cheng lab is to spearhead the genomic instability project, with the ultimate goal of cloning the two genes responsible for this phenotype and finishing his PhD. He is also involved in supporting roles in the pigmentation, HuZOR, polymerase, and transposon projects. After graduating with a BS in Biology (with a minor in Evolutionary Biology) from Case Western Reserve University, he started at Penn State in the fall of 2006 working toward a PhD in Genetics. Upon his enrollment at Penn State Hershey, Steven was awarded the Graham Endowed Fellowship. In 2009, his personal life lead him to take a two year sabbatical from his thesis research to spend his time as a technician at The Commonwealth Medical College working with Caenorhabditis elegans. Two years later, he gloriously returned to the Cheng lab to continue his work on the genomic instability project.