Give the gift of science!


Give the gift of science


The holidays always manage to sneak up on us so this year we’re brainstorming gift ideas early. As we get older, there seem to be more and more people for whom buying a gift is impossible. They have everything!

Something for those that seem to have all the sweaters and books they could want, is giving the gift of science. By donating to crowdfunded science projects you can give a truly meaningful gift to your loved-ones that don’t seem to need material gifts. Contributions help fund projects that people really value and are only possible with support from the community.

If you or someone you know would love to support cancer genetics research, visit our Microryza project page and make a donation. Ensure you let us know who it is in honor of- we’ll send you a personalized e-card, which can be emailed or printed. Christmas gift-giving couldn’t be easier!

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