Tips for fieldwork: Know the climate

The opportunity for ‘squint’ a.k.a. researcher like me to go into the field is always very exiting that some of the important preparations for fieldwork are forgotten. In the next few weeks, I would like to share with you some tips about fieldwork.

While having the right sampling equipment or as I love to call it ‘nerd’s toys’ is important, knowing the climate of your fieldwork is as important.

Growing up in the tropics where we only have two seasons, hot or hotter, makes me very ignorant about microclimate. Once, on a sampling trip into the jungle to collect samples, I forget to pack a light jacket. Temperature at night in the jungle can be chilly, especially on a rainy days. Needless to say, I don’t have a good rest throughout the nights of my fieldwork.

Tips: Always check the exact location of your fieldwork (i.e.: elevation, is it near the sea or dessert, etc.)

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